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by TheSourceress on 12/09/2013

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I get ideas for a lot of crazy schemes. Some of them I never do, like starting my own knitwear boutique or blogging hilarious reviews of every Star Trek and Doctor Who episode I watch. Quite a lot some I fail at, like writing a cheese blog, becoming a maths teacher or completing NaNoWriMo. Other crazy plans, actually make it off the drawing board…

It’s debatable whether or not some of my projects should see the light of day – the knitted catsuit and ball gowns being a case in point. I like being faintly ridiculous though, so it’s all good.

In 5 days time my latest, and probably most ambitious, project will actually happen. The venue is paid for, the speakers all know where they have to be and when, a whole bunch of people have bought tickets – Discover Sourcing is happening!

About nine months ago I decided it was now or never for planning a big sourcing event in the UK. I called the engine room (my accountant), laid in a course and yelled “Warp speed, Mr Sulu!”

I figured that I’d learn how to put on a conference as I went. I mean, it’s not like I was totally inexperienced. I had been to a lot of conferences, after all – how hard could it be?

After working on a few charity Twestivals and being on the planning team behind Tweetcamp 2011 I thought I’d have no trouble rustling up a few sponsors and selling some tickets.

It turns out that the planet I was hailing from wasn’t in fact Ceti Alpha VI, it was Ceti Alpha V!

Nine months later, with my own little company as the sole sponsor, I’m scrabbling around trying to sell a few more tickets as everyone returns to work after an (unexpectedly glorious) summer holiday.

Today I will be putting on my brown trousers and knuckling down to the final last minute preparations. Every time I start

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to worry, I look back at the great list of speakers that I’ve somehow managed to convince to put their time and energy into my mad idea, and I feel renewed. The event has also shown me just how much home-grown sourcing skill there really is in the UK.

I’ve run a few free sourcing meetups over the last 12 months too – they’re just magical. People get together, agency folks, in-house, rec2recs, vendors and they just share thoughts and ideas and tools and search techniques. I really hope that same magic will carry over into this bigger event. More people has to mean more conversations, more sharing and more magic, surely?

So, as the USS Discover Sourcing enters orbit and we prepare to beam down, I find myself hoping that I haven’t forgotten anything major, that I won’t need to set my phaser to stun and the holodecks don’t break down.

Sorry about all the Star Trek analogies, I think my brain is a little addled!

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