Time For An Update – December 2012

by TheSourceress on 06/12/2012

As of this week, I am the owner of Sourcing Hat Ltd. Working for myself is definitely the way forward for me. Variety keeps me inspired and sharp as a Sourcer.

Sourcing Hat Ltd

It has been an exciting eight months since I finished a contract with Capgemini Consulting and went freelance again. Here are just a few things I have been up to in that time;

UK Sourcers

I have been spending more time putting love into the UK Sourcers community. I started UK Sourcers at the end of 2009 and it is already well established on Twitter. We now have a blog (that is looking for guest bloggers…) and a LinkedIn group. We have also started a series of “hack” events… join the LinkedIn group to be the first to find out about those.


I have provided lots of training with some great recruitment businesses in all sorts of fields as well as some direct employers. The biggest difference I have noticed since I was working for myself in 2010 is that a lot more large corporates are trying to improve their direct hiring efforts.

The most popular topics for training have been the optimisation of using LinkedIn and basic search engine skills. More recruiters are starting to spend money with LinkedIn and this means they want to know how to get the absolute maximum out of it for their investment. Many are also seeing that as more and more people dabble with online sourcing it is becoming more difficult to find those fresh candidates – this is where really strong search skills make the difference.

All my training is bespoke to each client so training can look radically different for different groups of recruiters, depending on how much they already know.


I have a couple of clients that I have got to know quite well (and managed to get a feel for their clients too).

This is really where I keep my day-to-day sourcing skills sharp. If I did not keep sourcing then my training provision would start to feel tired and out of date pretty fast!

Ochre House

Over the summer I spent three months working with Ochre House and their Talent Attraction Specialists (TAS). What a fantastic group of recruiters and sourcers!!

I met with at least one person from all their on-site RPO teams, tried to understand their sourcing challenges and help out where I could. In a lot of cases I returned to individuals and teams several times. We ended up with a lot of resources, an online space for the TAS community to share and learn from each other as well as some ideas for training programs going forward.

This project culminated in the creation of a sourcing challenge open to all Ochre House employees called #OchreChallenge. I’ll let them explain that to you in this blog post by

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What’s Next?



I just started a series of projects with Verizon that will see me working with them over the next six months. They are on a very interesting journey with a relatively new in-house recruitment team here in the UK.

I can’t wait to get stuck in!

Game Wagon

A friend of mine has recently launched Game Wagon, an events business for those who love gaming. They are just a few months old and get most of their business from putting on children’s parties. They bring one of their Mercedes Stretch Sprinter vans to your house and up to 16 people can game on all the latest games and consoles within. The vans are “pimped out” as one Gadget Show Live attendee said last week.

It is a nice juxtaposition to all this recruitment malarkey! I will be helping them with their online marketing and Social Media strategy.

I will be trying my hand at schmoozing with Mummy bloggers in an attempt to get some coverage of Game Wagon’s Kids’ Parties as well as trying to make contact with PR folks in the gaming industry – Game Wagon has a lot to offer at game launches. All in all, I think I can learn a lot here!

More of the same

I’ll still have time for my research clients and hopefully time to meet and train some more recruiters and sourcers – but get in touch quick as the dairy tends to fill up fast!

UK Sourcers is very close to my heart. I am committed to putting on more events and generally getting the UK Sourcing community together learning and sharing on a regular basis. Keep an eye out for our next event announcement!

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